Processing Workshop: March 29, 12-4p

Cost is $40/person, space is limited.

This 4-hour workshop is a creatively-centered introduction to Processing; an open-source programming language developed by Ben Fry and Casey Reas during their time at the MIT Media Lab. Processing is essentially a simplified version of Java created for creatives who want to explore programming without necessarily needing to become computer scientists. In this workshop, we will focus on getting Processing up and running, explaining the basic mechanics of the language, create interactive graphics, and begin to explore ways to add features through external libraries.

Patrick Lichty is an artist, electrical engineer, and maker who is a Lecturer of Digital Studio Practice at the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He has spoken, developed projects, and shown work, at South by Southwest, The Sundance Film Festival, TED Long Beach, and was a conceptual designer for one of the competitors of the space race, “The X-Prize”. He is a writer for the RealityAugmented blog. His recent book, “Variant Analyses: Interrogations of New Media Culture” was released by the Institute for Networked Culture, and is included in the Oxford Handbook of Virtuality

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