Aboutproduction in a networked economy

At the core of Bucketworks is a collaborative community made up of members. This community strives to create an open environment so trust and authenticity are critical. Members are asked to always keep their dual roles as individuals and nodes in a larger network in mind.


Lenses are used to guide organizational decision-making…

  • Economy: How does the effort enable individuals to take control of their livelihood? How does it support the larger economy?
  • Network: How does the effort enable horizontal, modular organizational methods and structures?
  • Pattern: How scalable is the effort? What can be propagated or replicated?
  • Time: How does the effort affect how our time and the time of others?
  • Wellness: How are health and well-being supported or improved by the effort? How can health amplify success?
  • Play: How is creativity engaged and nurtured? What is being created?
  • Inclusion: How open is the effort? How diverse?

…in the service of these users…

  • Independent Professionals are the workers emerging in response to the project economy. Driven by both choice and need, they are highly skilled and self-sufficient.
  • Institutions are established for- and non-profit organizations seeking to engage in the networked economy and spur innovative action in achieving their mission.
  • Startups & Small Businesses are small-scale entities with big ideas looking to keep overhead low and engage with complementary thinkers and doers.
  • Community is the public-at-large. We are inclusive by being an engaged neighbor and citizen.

…with these offerings…

  • Space
  • Skills Development

…to achieve these outcomes…

  • Economic Capital is core to living well. Empowering people to grow their personal economy—to take control of their livelihood—is one of the biggest goals of our work. Specifically, we seek to align member skills with the production needs of local businesses and institutions.
  • Intellectual Capital is what keeps an individual in-demand and generating income. We promote learning as a daily exercise to keep skills tuned and our members agile in the knowledge economy.
  • Social Capital is how we each stay informed of opportunities, how we keep ourselves grounded and how we create our own authentic experience. It is no longer enough to clock-in and clock-out with those around us. Members and users of Bucketworks have a deep interest in being a member of and contributing to a sophisticated and supportive community.